Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Request a speaking engagement on "Above the High Water Mark"

Author John C. Hall, Jr.

I am available for speaking to your organization. Contact me at brunnerpublishing@gmail.com

Who is John C. Hall, Jr.?

 I am currently Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #104 in Dublin, Georgia. I have been a member of the SCV since July 1992. I chaired the Ga SCV Save the Flag Committee from 1992 -1994. The Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, tried to change the Georgia Flag. He was defeated. 

Before moving to Dublin in 2007, birth place of my grandmother, I was a member of camp #1552 Camp McDonald and then #1547 Roswell Mills. I have worked for my self for over 20 years. I started my own CPA practice due to the president of the company I was an officer of as controller ordering me to remove all of my Confederate items out of my office.


I own the Captain Hardy Smith House. This is the oldest home in Dublin on its original foundation. This home is also my office and it is dedicated to the Confederacy. Only flags of the South are flown and my office is full of Confederate items. If you don't like the South, we can't be friends.

There are many topics included in my book and presentation. These include the following:

The first Union Ship to be captured by the Confederate Navy

A firsthand account of the bloodiest day of the war at bloody Lane in the battle of Sharpsburg

The relationship between slave and owner

The true “High Water Mark of the Confederacy” confirmed by a never before published letter signed by Robert E. Lee

How prisoner of war mail was handled

How the word Dixie came to fruition

The first black man to speak on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives

Reconstruction in Georgia

What people are saying about my presentation:

Susan and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation / performance of last evening. Quite succinctly, it was perhaps the best program which I have witnessed during my nearly 14 years in The S C V.......Captain Corker would be more than proud.....Best Backwoods Regards, Hu & Susan Daughtry

At the Stiles/Akin Camp in Cassville John C Hall gave an excellent program on the Adventures of Captain Corker.as told through Corkers first had account both on the battlefield, in prison and in politics. John is an animated speaker portraying each part of Captain Corker's life. We enjoyed having John visit our camp............Barry Colbaugh


  1. When and where are you speaking next?

    1. Working on a Dublin event for September...then October, Americus, November Thomaston, Carrollton and Cobb county..more to come!